Kelly M. Jones, PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics, American University

Faculty member, Program on Gender Analysis in Economics (PGAE)

Senior Research Economist, Institute for Women's Policy Research

Director, Center on the Economics of Reproductive Health (CERH)

Curriculum Vitae

Congratulations to Kate Pennington

2020 IWPR Doctoral Fellow in Economics & Reproductive Health

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Contact Information


Sk: kmpjones

Tw: @kmpjones

Ph: 202.308.6720

I am an applied microeconomist and my work focuses on evaluating the impacts of various policies and interventions on gender equality and welfare. My recent work includes experimental analyses of women’s risk coping strategies in the face of financial shocks, and the implications for women’s sexual and reproductive health in Sub-Saharan Africa. I have also analyzed the impact of US foreign policy on women’s fertility outcomes internationally. In mid-2018, I launched a new line of research exploring the economic implications of access to reproductive health services in the United States.

Other ongoing work includes field experiments in Uganda and Ghana on the role of gender dynamics in intra-household allocation of resources and productive activities. In particular, I am exploring women’s contributions to and empowerment within small-scale commercial agriculture.

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